The Chicago Filipino American Film Festival

2008 marks the 5th annual Chicago Filipino American Film Festival (CFAFF) and continues our mission to highlight the works of Filipino American filmmakers, as well as leading cinema from the Philippines.

It also marks exciting new developments in the evolution of one of the largest Filipino film festivals in the country:

  • New venue!
    Because of our growth, the festival is moving to the 1,300-seat Portage Theater, which just finished a multi-million-dollar renovation to restore its original grandeur.
  • Musicians and filmmakers!
    We’re hosting a contest to find the best original music video created by Filipino musicians or filmmakers. Details are available in the Submissions page.
  • Podcast!
    Tune in to CFAFF podcasts now to hear insightful and entertaining interviews with Filipino American filmmakers.

This year’s 5th annual Festival promises to be our best yet. So mark your calendars, spread the word and come join us November 7-9, 2008!


Call for Submissions

We are now accepting submissions and preparing for the 2008 festival. For more information about submission and selection requirements, please or go to the Submissions page.


Call for Volunteers

It takes a lot of volunteers to make each film fest a success, but the work is never dull. For more information about volunteering opportunities, please see the Volunteer page.

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Call for Sponsors

Fulfilling our mission of highlighting and supporting up-and-coming Filipino filmmakers, as well as enriching our community, depends on the generous contribution of sponsors. We welcome whatever donation you or your organization can provide. For more information, please visit the Sponsor page.


The festival is presented by the Filipino American Network (FAN) of Chicago, a 501(c)(3) organization.


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