Sunday: Rise and Dream and Closing Night Film: Bladed Hand

Chicago Filipino American Film Festival 2012 Schedule




Rise and Dream

Sunday, November 4, 1:00 PM $10

UPDATE: Filmmakers Paul Pearce and Barclay Martin in attendance!

Directed by Judy-Anne Goldman. This inspirational documentary follows the story of thirteen students in a volatile region of the southern Philippines who endeavor to learn the indigenous music of the Philippines in an effort to put on an unprecedented concert for their community. The students and their families, along with a number of notable Filipino folk musicians rally to see the concert through, and the result is uplifting and magical. Presented with the short documentary “Manila Road” by Fernando Dalayoan.


CFAFF Shorts Program

Sunday, November 4, 3:30 PM $10

 “Terra Cotta”:  Directed by Yasmine Gomez and written by Samantha Chanse. A young woman moves into a new apartment; but can she live up to her roommates’ high standards?

“Cain”: A stylishly filmed tale of revenge directed by Filipino American director Enzo Williams.

“Beauty & Deceased”: From Chicago-based Fil-Am director Andrew Hempfling, comes the story of a lonely zombie who enlists the aid of a dating expert. 

“The Launch”: Fil-Am performer Arlo Sarinas portrays a man who must journey across parallel universes in order to save the woman he loves.

“Mother and Child”: Jocelyn Lenhardt directs a film about a young mother’s anxiety when her estranged husband announces that he’ll be visiting from overseas.

“Jolly B. Fierce”: A drag performer returns home to visit his ailing mother, and must come to terms with the disapproval of his older brother. Directed by Allison Arachea.

“Drifters”: Adrian Alarilla directs a drama about a young woman who struggles to balance her mother’s needs against her own desire to have a life of her own.

“Ang Balut Ni Mang Roger (Mang Roger’s Balut)”: A balut vendor locks horns with a willful young student. Directed by Thop Nazareno.


Closing Night Presentation:


Sunday, November 4, 6:00 PM $10

Jay Ignacio directs an eye-opening exploration of one of the greatest cultural traditions of the Philippines: the Filipino martial arts systems known as Kali, Eskrima, and Arnis. An unprecedented look at the martial arts of the Philippines, THE BLADED HAND includes a wealth of archival photography and footage, along with interviews with the most authoritative figures in martial arts, including Dan Inosanto (THE GAME OF DEATH, RED BELT); Mumbakki Foronda, an instructor whose students include Russia’s elite Spetsnaz special forces, and Jeff Imada, one of Hollywood’s most respected stunt coordinators. Filmmaker Jay Ignacio will be in attendance at this screening.


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