CFAFF 2010 Short Film Program Announced

CFAFF continues a six year tradition of presenting outstanding short form narrative, short documentary, and music video.  The Short Film Program will be on Sunday, November 7 at 12pm.  Students with valid student ID get in FREE.  $10 general admission.

“Anino” by Raymond Red
This classic short directed by Raymond Red was honored with the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival, in 2002, a landmark in Philippine cinema. Red’s feature film Manila Skies opens our 2010 festival.

“Harang” (“Barriers”) by Mikhail Red
A jeepney driver encounters carjackers on the open road, in a short film by Mikhail Red that examines the nature of cynicism and mistrust.

“Kamera” by Mikhail Red
Lav Diaz, a legend of Filipino independent film, stars as a solitary filmmaker who passes on a legacy of cinema to an unlikely heir.

“66 Years, 2 Months, 21 Days… and Still Counting” by Mona Lisa Yuchengco
Delfin Gonzales, Sr., 95 years of age, recounts life, marriage, and family with extraordinary clarity in a deeply moving and resonant account of  one man’s life in the 20th century. Directed by Mona Lisa Yuchengco.

“Penny for Your Thoughts” by Ziggy Chicano
Do things work out the way they do in all those romantic comedies? Local filmmaker Ziggy Chicano answers.

“Halcyon Days” by Steve Mallorca
Steve Mallorca (SLOW JAM KING) offers a new music video from The Jack Lords, whose music was featured in the feature film THREE TO FIVE AND GLASSY.

“Mother” by John Raposas
A young woman faces the challenges of adopting a child with special needs in a short film by John Raposas.

“Letters from Alaska” by Roberto Ang Reyes
A migrant worker in Alaska reflects on the alienation of working overseas.

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