The Chicago Filipino American Film Festival is proud to announce its 2010 FEATURE FILM lineup.

Directed by Raymond Red.  (Philippines)
The Chicago Filipino American Film Festival opens its 2010 program with MANILA SKIES, a new feature film from Raymond Red, winner of a Palme D’Or at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and a true master of Philippine cinema. Shot using With visually stunning cinematography set against a gritty urban landscape, Manila Skies tells the story of Raul, a frustrated dockworker who is driven by a series of unfortunate events into a final act of desperation.

Directed by Gerry Balasta. (U.S./Philippines)
A father struggles to care for his son in Promised Land, an impoverished shanty town where the residents live day by day as scavengers among the garbage heaps of Payatas. First-time director, Gerry Balasta from New York City delivers a powerful debut feature that showcases the performances of actual residents of Payatas who participated in an acting workshop run Balasta himself. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival and the George C. Lin Emerging Filmmaker Award at the DC-APA Film Festival.

Directed by Miguel Kaimo (Philippines)
A man with a gift for breeding and raising champion gamecocks sacrifices career and family when his passion for the sport leads to obsession. With a moving lead performance by veteran Filipino actor Joel Torre and a talented supporting cast, SABUNGERO offers a candid glimpse into the world of Sabong. Winner of the Aloha Accolade Award at the 2010 Honolulu International Film Festival and the Golden Palm at the 2010 Mexico International Film Festival.

Directed by D.B. Cheng (U.S.)
Twentysomethings Drew, Brandon and Jake, friends since high school and fellow comic book fans, must rally together as they face the challenges of adult life. Will their superhero fantasies be enough to save them when their real lives fall short of their dreams and a secret rival unhatches an elaborate scheme of revenge. An upbeat indie feature from D.B. Cheng with winning performances from James Lontayao, Tom Lazur, and James Chen.

Directed by Eric Espejo (U.S.)
Philip Roebuck stars as a television  personality and ghost investigator who takes on one last assignment when his the paranormal hits disturbingly close to home. A tightly woven horror and suspense thriller written and directed by Filipino American filmmaker Eric Espejo. Winner of the D.C. Independent Film Festival

The Chicago Filipino American Film Festival will take place November 5-7, 2010 at the historic PORTAGE THEATER in CHICAGO.  Stay tuned for showtimes and short and documentary lineup, as well as trailers and descriptions of all of our 2010 program.

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