FAN Outing to Pintig’s Performance “Sister Outlaw”

Join FAN for a Sunday, August 30, matinee theater performance by Pintig, Chicago’s longest-running Filipino performing arts group.

CIRCA-Pintig brings back to the stage Lani T. Montreal’s SISTER OUTLAW, a comedy about love, friendship and immigration in its many splendored and gendered ways.

The show starts at 3:00 PM, but we’ll be meeting at the theater around 2:30.

FAN Outing – Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pintig/CIRCA’s “Sister Outlaw”
Dream Theatre
556 w 18th St. (18th & Clinton)
Chicago, IL

FAN is getting 50% off the ticket price if we have a group of at least 10–which I’m confident we will. After the show, we’ll probably get a bite to eat or bubble tea at Joy Yee’s or Chinatown.

So please come out next Sunday afternoon, August 30, and join us for a wonderful performance and a great time!

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